Importance of Social Media Marketing in Brand Awareness and New Lead Generation Strategy.

Importance of Social Media Marketing in Brand Awareness and New Lead Generation Strategy.
Importance of Social Media marketing in Brand Awareness and New Lead Generation Strategy

It’s a competitive world out there! That doesn’t mean you should not venture out. That just means that you need to take the right steps, devise a workable strategy and do things differently. In the digital age, all it requires for you to stand out is by taking the campaign online and invest time and effort in social media marketing.

Here’s how social media marketing can help in brand awareness and new lead generation:

The focus in on demographics: Target audience is neatly distributed on social media. All social media channels can help you reach out to your product/service specific audience. This means your ad money is spent on the audiences who’re interested in specific product/service as per demographics.

Stand out by sharing interesting content: Content will always be the king! Whether it is a meme that might tickle audience’s funny bones or a thought-provoking emotive story that might prompt lead generation, great content is bound to attract prospective customers and turn your profits.

Organise giveaways or contests: Everyone loves winning an online contest! And if it is free to register, or participate, almost everyone will be interested. You can easily increase your customer base by sponsoring such contests and giveaways. Remember, a follower today can become a potential customer tomorrow!

One-on-one interactions with the clients: Gone are the days when telemarketing could create leads! Today, it only results in an increased spam reports. Around 75% people don’t mind online interaction, and this gives your brand an opportunity to reach out to new customers, forge stronger bond with the existing ones. All you need is a 24/7 online helpline on social media channels and sound presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn, etc.

Take help of trends to stay in front: Trends, prompted by hashtags, is a unique way to stay in front on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. Also known as “newsjacking”, participating in a famous story of the day, gives you the leverage to stay on the top across social media channels.

Go visual with your content: As mobiles screens get smaller, the need to convey your message via a picture, or a video, as compared to words crammed up together, becomes larger. So, make sure that it’s not all words in your content, rather make use of memes, small videos, or just plane pictures to covey your message in a graphic, easy-on-eyes form.

Whatever you do, do it differently, and create space for your brand in a niche. No one can take away your leads from you when you initiate a great social media campaign!


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